Prices of services...

First checkup and opinion - free of charge


Checkup, fluoridation, education on dental hygiene and health free of charge
Aesthetic restorations (fillings) of dental neck 200 kn
Aesthetic restoration of the front tooth 250 kn
Aesthetic restoration of premolar 300 kn
Aesthetic filling of molar 300 kn
Filling of primary (baby) tooth 200 kn
Treatment of frontal tooth 300 kn
Treatment of premolar tooth 500 kn
Treatment of molar 1200 kn
Treatment of primary (baby) tooth 100 kn
Sandblasting a tooth 250 kn
Plaque removal and teeth polishing 400 kn
Removal of tooth 200 - 300 kn
Removal of primary (baby) teeth 100 kn
Incision and drainage of abscess 100 kn
Professional Whitening of the teeth 100 kn per tooth
Bleaching an individual tooth 400 kn
Dental jewelry 300 kn
Anesthesia included in the price of all treatments


Temporary crown 100 kn
Veneered crowns per member/piece 900 kn
Metallic-ceramic crowns per member/piece 1.200 kn
Metallic-ceramic crown with ceramic rim per member/piece 1.500 kn
Titanium-ceramic crown 1.650 kn
Veneers 3.000 kn
E.Max Press / Empress crown 3.000 kn
Zirconium ceramic crown 2.700 kn
Telescopic crown 1.650 kn
Upgrading 500 kn
Cementing of older crown 100 kn
Repairing facets 250 kn
Full Acrylic denture 3.200 kn
Wironit full denture 3.500 kn
Wironit partial dentures with anchors or clips 5.000 kn
Retention connection (vario ball and cross lines) 525 kn
Retention connection (waiting anchors) 1.050 kn
One-sided prostheses + MK 1 connection 4.200 kn
Relining dentures 500 kn
Denture repair 200 - 400 kn
Installation of netting in the prosthesis 400 kn
Putting in place a sublingual port in prosthesis 400 kn
Sport splints/guard 800 - 1-500 kn
Splints/guards against grinding, for relaxation, stabilization splint 2.500 - 3.000 kn
Splint/guard to prevent snoring 2.000 kn


Examination and planning of periodontal treatment, instructions in oral hygiene Free of charge
Scraping and polishing roots (curettage) per quadrant 400 kn
Scraping and polishing roots (curettage) per tooth 100 kn
Periodontal therapy (reviewing calcium buildup, sand blasting, curettage, examination) 2.000 kn
Treating gingivitis 400 kn
Bioptron light therapy (includes 5 arrivals) 300 kn
Wired composite splint 200 kn per tooth
Operation on lobe 2.000 kn
Guided bone and tissue regeneration 2.000 kn
Extending clinically crowned tooth 400 kn per tooth
Concealing the bare roots of a tooth 2.000 - 3.000 kn per tooth


Examination for surgery and opinion included in the price for the procedure
Constructing implants 4.000 - 6.200 kn
Prosthetic implant abutment – titanium 1.000 kn
Prosthetic implant abutment – zirconia 2.000 kn
Crown on implant - Titanium-ceramic crown 1.650 kn
Crown on implant – zirconia -ceramic crown 2.700 kn
Apicoectomy 1.000 kn
Alveotomy 1.000 kn
Frenulectomy 1.000 kn
Hemisection 400 kn
Augmenting dental alveoli 800 kn
Augmenting alveolar ridges 2.000 kn
Sinus Lift 5.000 kn
Dental cystectomy 1.000 kn


Orthodontic examination and opinion included in the price of treatment
Orthodontic therapy with fixed braces 7.000 - 9.000 kn per jaw
Treatment with mobile monomaxillary equipment/braces 4.000 kn
Treatment with mobile bimaxillary equipment/braces 6.000 kn
Treatment with mobile headgear equipment/braces 2.000 kn
Treatment with the device for the expansion of the palate (Hyrax) 2.000 kn
Retention splint/guard 300 kn
Permanent Fixed Lingual Retention 400 kn
Orthodontic treatment with fixed equipment – braces on the inner side of tooth 15.000 kn per jaw

*Note: There is a 5% discount for payments made in cash.